Laboratoř genové exprese

Biotechnologický ústav AV ČR

Průmyslová 595

252 50 Vestec


Tel.::+420 325 873 748

DIČ: CZ86652036

IČ: 86652036

VAT No.: CZ86652036

Institute of Biotechnology

Welcome to our Laboratory

The laboratory develops techniques for applications of real-time RT-PCR for studies of biological phenomena.


Research Laboratory of gene expression (Institute of Biotechnology AS CR in Prague, Czech Republic) is one of Europe's leading academic laboratories specialized in high-throughput gene and transcript analysis using real-time quantitative PCR. In Czech Republic it is the most advanced laboratory equipped with unique microfluidic high-throughput BioMark™ System from Fluidigm. It uses integrated fluidic circuits known as dynamic arrays for gene expression analysis and digital array technology for absolute quantification of PCR targets. Furthermore laboratory is fitted with 8 conventional qPCR instruments from various providers: LightCycler® 480 Real-Time PCR System and LightCycler® 96 Real-Time PCR Systemfrom Roche, CFX96 and CFX384 from Bio-Rad, StepOne Real-Time PCR System and 7500 Fast Real-Time PCR System from Applied Biosystems,Eco Real-Time PCR System from Illumina and a rotor based Rotor Gene 6000 from Qiagen, which is also suited for high resolution melt analysis. Sample preparation and processing utilize fully automated isolation robot QIACube form Qiagene and semi-automated QuickGene80 mini from FujiFilm. Assay plates assembly provides a robotic liquid handling workstation Eppendorf epMotion P5073 Workstation. For a quality and quantity controls of samples we have the NanoDrop ND-1000 Spectrophotometer, Qubit® 2.0 Fluorometer from Life Technologies, Experion Automated Electrophoresis Station from Bio-Rad and 2100 Bioanalyzer from Agilent Technologies. The laboratory develops techniques for applications of real-time RT-PCR for studies of biological phenomena. Examples include early development of Xenopus laevis, tooth formation, and single cell expression profiling. Among recent accomplishments we determined the temporal expression profiles of 16 developmental genes in 16 stages of Xenopus laevis and, in collaboration with Professor S. Bustin´s laboratory in London, we developed qPCR tomography to determine intracellular expression profiles. Another objective of the department is to develop advanced multivariate statistical methods for analysis of spatiotemporal qPCR expression profiles, and recently we published the first multiway real-time PCR expression profiling study. The work is collaboration with MultiD Analyses. We also support the Prague TATAA Biocenter in real-time PCR courses. Prof. Kubista, the head of the laboratory has gained following main accomplishments in the field of PCR: developing one of the probing technologies used in real-time (US6461871), development of first real time based diagnostic for Lymphoma(WO02099135), pioneering in real time PCR expression profiling, developing chemistry for nucleic acid extraction and its quantification from small samples (EP-07008961) and developing of panel of fourteen markers for breast cancer that is currently validated in EU FP6 program smartHEALTH (IST-NMP-2-016817).


Head of Laboratory

Laboratory is headed by
Prof. Mikael Kubista.

His Curriculum Vitae for your information.