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Institute of Biotechnology


The core facility offers high-throughput gene and transcript quantification services with real-time quantitative PCR based on the Biomark microfluidic platform from Fluidigm, USA, with which 48 (assays) × 48 (samples) = 2,304 or 96 x 96 = 9,216 reactions can be processed in a single run. Available is also digital array technology for absolute quantification of PCR targets.

Six different arrays are available:

Dynamic arrays

  • GE Dynamic array 48.48
  • GE Dynamic array 96.96
  • GT Dynamic array 48.48
  • GT Dynamic array 96.96
Digital Arrays
  • Digital Array 12.765
  • Digital Array 48.771

For pricing, please, contact Vlasta Korenkova:

Our Biomark references

Biomark single cell references

For references, please see pdf document.

Forms to fill (only in Czech)

Form for 48x48 array.

Form for 96x96 array.

How to prepare samples

If it is possible, bring cDNA samples, do RT with random hexamers or hexamers mixed with oligo dT. However, the input samples have to meet requirements on quality and quantity to obtain succesful result of experiment. Researches are thus required to check the quality and quantity of their RNA. The quality of the total RNA samples could be assessed by agarose gel electrophoresis or Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer or Experion Automated Electrophoresis. On the agarose gel, there should be two bands visible without obvious smears and higer molecular weight bands. Good quality RNA will have an OD 260/280 ratio of 1.8 to 2.1 and an OD 260/230 of 1.7 or greater.

You can bring RNA samples. High target gene expression is prefered. Any extracted RNA must be devoid of contaminants such as salt, protein, solvents and genomic DNA. Poor quality RNA will lead to problems when performing the reverse transcription. We can process your RNA and make all necessary controls: quantity measurements (Nanodrop Spectrophotometer) and quality control (Experion Automated Electrophoresis, Agilent Bioanalyser). We can reverse transcribe your RNA into cDNA and we can perform subsequent preamplification, if it is needed.